Value for our customers

We know that OEM customers are professionals

Therefore, it is natural for us to see our OEM cooperations as professional partnerships. As our customer you will know we take great pride in what we do.

Quality & Production

  • Premium quality urea used for production – mainly from European suppliers
  • ISO 14001 certified for our environmental friendly production standards
  • Hinge solutions of stainless steal
  • High level quality management (certified ISO 9001 & ISO 14001)
  • In-house tooling facilities

Product features & design

  • Awarded Scandinavian design
  • Exclusive laser engraving
  • Porcelain-like, anti bacterial, scratch resistant surfaces
  • No discolouration of our products
  • Maximum ergonomical comfort level. Developed in cooperation with Frauenhofer Institute, Germany
  • Strong seats tested to hold a minimum of 180 kg
  • High heat durability / non-flammability


  • Professional OEM and Product Development team
  • Expertise and know-how from more than 55 years
  • High delivery reliability
  • Engaged and professional back office service
  • 10 years warranty

Pressalit principles

  • Our Code of Conduct includes all 10 principles of the United Nations The Global Compact, so that our ethical rules meet the demands made by Global Compact
  • We develop long lasting relationships with our customers through dialog, understanding and respect
One of our many toilet seats