Work experience and project work

Work experience and projects with us are full of opportunities

Every year Pressalit offers students who are taking a course in further education the opportunity of work experience with the company. No salary is paid to students in work experience, which usually lasts about six months. We are keen for both students and Pressalit to benefit from this period of work experience. Students are expected to contribute new knowledge, creative ideas and the ability to convert theory into practice. In return we provide challenges, sparring and a great setting for learning and development.  

As a work experience student you will have:

  • A steep learning curve
  • Own areas of work and responsibility
  • An all-round everyday working life
  • Accommodating and helpful colleagues
  • Free canteen scheme with healthy and varied food
  • Travelling expenses paid  

Previous interns were assigned to our HR department, our Policy and Finance department and our Marketing department. Our work experience positions are posted every spring and autumn in our job bank here on the website.

Project collaboration

Pressalit wishes to collaborate on projects with students who possess the latest knowledge and tools and who could potentially contribute to the company's continued growth and success. We regard collaboration as a learning process that places demands on both parties.

We expect that:

  • You are studying specialist subjects
  • You are analytical, structured and professional in your approach to work
  • You are able to present main conclusions and suggestions for improvement simply and accurately

You can expect us to:

  • Take part in several follow up meetings, depending on the scope of the project
  • Provide sparring and feedback
  • Show interest in your project, in line with your commitment and ambitions

As we receive many requests, we urge applicants to be specific about their subject, purpose, expectations and timeframes. Send your application to marked "project collaboration". Based on this information, we determine to what extent we can accommodate your wishes.