Trainees and apprentices

Trainees and apprentices are a natural part of Pressalit

At Pressalit, apprenticeships are part of the course as we want to be socially responsible, help young people get an education and establish themselves on the market place, and ensure we have a diverse team of employees. That's why for many years we included young people at Pressalit. This includes trainees, apprentices and EGU students.

We believe it is a shared responsibility for managers and employees alike to create an inclusive environment where trainees, apprentices and EGU students thrive and are challenged both professionally and personally.

Do you have the desire and will to learn?

Pressalit annually seeks trainees and apprentices who have the desire and will to learn and develop in an exciting, dynamic company. We are looking for independent young people who can contribute towards good results and a good working environment with their new knowledge, drive and positive disposition.

A traineeship lasts two years, and the time horizon for apprentices depends on individual educational background. Both traineeships and apprenticeships combine theory and practice, with emphasis on practical experience. We are eager to provide a good framework for our trainees and apprentices to learn and develop their skills, which they do through independent assignments and support from their colleagues.

Previously trainees have been placed in the Finance, Sales and Purchasing departments, whilst apprentices have been placed in Technical Support, Warehouse and Kitchen.

Students and apprentices at Pressalit