Sponsorships are matter of course for Pressalit

Pressalit sponsors a number of organisations, associations and institutions. Partly because we as a bigger commercial company naturally want to support initiatives in our local area. Partly because, by associating our company name with events that give people positive experiences, we say something important about our products.

Every year Pressalit receives numerous sponsor and support applications. There are many great causes that merit funding and we try to support as many as we can. Because of the large amount of applications, we obviously have to say no to many of them.

To create the best possible context for our sponsorship activities, we have chosen to prioritise certain focus areas based on how well they match Pressalit - in terms of products and company values, and where we have striven to set up long-term partnerships.

Are you looking for sponsorship?

If you are looking for sponsorship for a project, an organisation, an association or other, please contact us by e-mail.